Top 14 crochet patterns for amigurumi unicorn

Lately unicorns are everywhere. On t-shirts, mugs, backpacks…. and this not without a reason! Who doesn’t love these multicolored creatures that symbolize freedom, magic, joy and happiness? 🙂 How about taking a few skeins of yarn and a crochet hook to conjure up your own amigurumi unicorn? Below I present you a subjective selection of 14 most interesting patterns for a crochet unicorn. So prepare a cup of tea, sit comfortably in your favorite armchair and let’s begin!

Crochet plush unicorn from Himalaya Dolphin Baby

Perfect for fans of Himalaya Dolphin yarn. And also perfect as a cuddly toy for little and bigger fans of plushies. Free pattern by Julia Deinega available here.

Lelia Crochet plush unicorn free pattern by Julii Deinega

Friendy Emily the Unicorn Doll

Olka Novytska’s (AradiyaToys) designs are a thing! The patterns are perfectly designed with attention to every detail, the instructions are super precise and easy to follow. Moreover, they are accompanied by high quality photos that show you how to do each and every more difficult step. You may find the pattern here. This is a paid pattern, but it’s really worth it.

Lelia Friendy Emily the Unicorn Doll by Olka Novytska

Beautiful unicorn from Projectarian

What can I say, the photo speaks for itself. Projects from Projectarian are original with quite distinctive color selection. The use of multicolored yarn gives a visually pleasing effect. Personally, I love these patterns! Moreover, I am very impressed with the author’s workshop. The pattern for the gorgeous unicorn can be found here.

Lelia Comet the Unicorn | deluxe amigurumi horse/pony by Projectarian

Unicorn with violet mane

A very nice and well described pattern from Amigurumi Today for a small sized unicorn (if made according to the instructions it will be about 15 cm) can be found here. Importantly, the pattern is completely free!

Lelia baby unicorn amigurumi pattern by Aamigurumi Today

Pink unicorn

Pink lovers will definitely like the amigurumi unicorn from MyGirlyUnicorn available here. You can also find a boy unicorn version on the store’s website.

Lelia My Girly Unicorn Amigurumi by MyGirlyUnicorn

Unicorn with long hair

The SweetOdityArt store features a fun pattern for a cute unicorn in the colors of dirty white and powder pink. The color combination is very pleasing and crocheting the creature will be a great way to spend time creatively.

Lelia unicorn crochet pattern by SweetOddityArt

Candy unicorn

Adorable unicorn from Amigurumi Today with a real rainbow mane is available here. Multicolored yarn makes the creation a truly magical and fairy-tale character. The pattern is free!

Lelia Luna the unicorn by Amigurumi Today

Rainbow unicorn

I love this pattern and I love the way the unicorn is presented. The cartoon rainbow adds a fairy tale vibe to the plushie, which goes well with the multicolored mane and flowers tucked into it. The unicorn’s name is Lucy and the pattern from CutieMeStore can be found here.

Lelia Lucy the Unicorn by CutieMeStore

Lou the unicorn doll

Ok, Lou is definitely not a unicorn, but a girl in a unicorn costume, nevertheless she holds a unicorn creature in her hands, and thus is eligible to be on to my subjective list of the most interesting amigurumi designs. Colorful hair and a small silver horn give her a fairy tale vibe. You can find the pattern from AmalouDesigns here.

Lelia Amigurumi crochet pattern "Lou the unicorn doll!" by AmalouDesigns

Mini unicorn

For fans of super quick and simple designs, I recommend the small sized adorable unicorn from Pinktomatocrochet (available here).

Lelia Mini Unicorn by Pinktomatocrochet

Tiny unicorn

The pattern from BunniesandYarn (available here) is a proposition for a miniature unicorn. The finished plushie will fit in one hand. After adding a chain it will also work great as a key chain.

Lelia Unicorn - Baby by BunniesandYarn

Sleeping unicorn

How about crocheting a sleeping unicorn? A free pattern from Amigurumi Today for an adorable slumbering unicorn can be found here.

Lelia sleeping unicorn by Amigurumi Today

Elegant unicorn

The artwork below (pattern available here) is full of elegance, grace, finesse. It’s not a simple project, but a really impressive one. I would recommend it rather for more advanced crocheters.

Lelia Standing Unicorn by CraftyIntentions

Ragdoll unicorn

Ragdolls are a type of amigurumi crocheted in the traditional way in rows rather than in circles. Such patterns are definitely easier to learn. Ragdolls are more two-dimensional than traditional amigurumi, yet there is no denying that they have an immense charm. A unicorn pattern made using this technique by Jillian Hewitt can be found here. The pattern is free!

Lelia ragdoll unicorn by spinayarncrochet